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Sima has always been passionate about food and cooking for friends and family and loves experimenting with new ingredients and ideas. Having grown up in Lithuania and Israel before settling in England 30 years ago, she has ended up with a large collection of recipes on scraps of paper in five different languages. In addition, many of the dishes she cooks she learnt from her mother and mother-in-law many years ago and of course these were not written down.

She wrote this book to pass on these recipes to her two sons and their families along with stories about the people and places from which they came. It is a domestic cookbook of recipes for everyday and special occasions. Most of all she wanted to write a book that makes it easy to improvise and adapt recipes, as she has always done, depending on whom one is cooking for, what's in season, and what's in the cupboard. Happy cooking!


Dr Sima Beeri was born in Kovno, Lithuania, spent her formative years in Israel and now lives in the UK. She has an MA (Jewish History and Culture), University of Southampton (UK) and a PhD in Modern Jewish History, University College London (UCL). Her doctoral thesis examined the Yiddish press in the inter war period. This was published later as a book by the title Literarishe bleter and the Transformation of Yiddish.

She has a keen interest in promoting and preserving Yiddish cultural heritage through research and education. She teaches Elementary Yiddish at UCL and Yiddish language and culture at various levels in private groups.

Her recent book And what about the taste? is the second part of a larger project to research and document her family's roots and heritage. The first part deals with her family's history in the 20th century while the second part focusses on documenting recipes from her own and her husband’s family together with her own culinary additions to pass on to the next generation.

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And what about the taste? An illustrated talk on cooking by Sima Beeri

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And what about the taste? with Sima Beeri

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